Fireplace and Chimney Experts

Fireplace and Chimney Experts


The number one area of a leak in a home is where the chimney meets the roof deck.  When we find a problem in this area we take everything off the roof deck and around the chimney until we find the leak.  We cover the roof deck and part of the sides of the chimney with Ice and water shield, which is a 3 foot roll of waterproofing material.

Ice and Water Shield goes over roof decking before shingle and flashing installation.

The Step Flashing is installed over the roof deck and on top of the Ice and Water Shield.

The counter flashing goes over the top of the step flashing and is tapped into the brick after making a small cut in the brick and sealed.

If necessary we will install a cricket on the chimney to keep water moving to the sides of the chimney.

This gives a triple layer of waterproofing for a 100% watertight seal.  The cost of replacing chimney flashing starts at around $700 and ranges up to $2,200 for more complicated jobs or for double chimneys, for an overall average of about $1,500.

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