Fireplace and Chimney Experts

Fireplace and Chimney Experts


There are many new and exciting electric fireplace installation choices available today. These versatile fireplaces come in traditional and modern styles and are a great option when gas fuel is not available. Electric fireplaces provide the aura and feel of a real flame and offer variable heat controls to warm up any room.

Electric fireplaces are cost effective and an easy-to-install alternative when a gas direct-vent or traditional wood burning fireplace is not an option. With their unique design, electric hearth products provide the ambiance of a real wood fire without the constraints of typical fireplace installation. Our experienced installation crew will have you relaxing in front of your new fireplace in no time.

For just pennies a day, electric fireplaces make a fire possible any time of year. On a warm night, simply turn on the unit—minus the heat—and in seconds you can be basking in the glow of the fire while still sitting in your shorts. Then, when temperatures dip, turn on the heat option to take away the chill. With variable heat controls, you can create just enough heat to warm your toes—or crank it up to keep a 400-square-foot space at a comfortable temperature. And, because it requires no venting, an electric fireplace is ideal for locations where fireplace installation can be tricky, like apartments or condos.

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